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OAA, working through the Oakland Unified School District, is able to help Art Teacher Kristen Vetterlein’s program at Grass Valley Elementary School in Oakland. Working with almost no budget at all, Ms. Vetterlein has developed an outstanding program that included all the students at the school. OAA provides the funds to buy art supplies. OAA also contributes in non-monetary ways, donating art supplies, including Grass Valley student's art in a number of juried shows, and making about 20 display boards for Grass Valley. OAA is looking for other worthy projects to support now and in the future.

The OAA also supports the Museum of Children's Art (MOCHA) in Oakland that has many activities for children in our community.

There are three ways you can donate to support these kinds of projects. Every year when you renew your membership, you can provide an additional amount designated for the educational fund. You can also contribute to the fund at any time by sending a check to OAA Treasurer Hallie Strock. Additionally, you may include OAA in your estate planning. OAA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, so your contribution would be eligible for a tax deduction.


No matter how you may decide to donate, your contributions will support young artists now and in the future.  Thank you!

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