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Kite Soaring Above Sutro
Amei Papitto
18 x 18
Better Days.jpg
CERI 2022 pic.JPG
Better Days
Rosemary Therkelsen
March 2023 John Muir
Medical Center Show
Art Education in Oakland
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OAA's Featured Artist is Celena Peet

Making art lets me tell the unlikely stories that are in my head and express the tenuous connections that I see in the world and in disparate materials. Found objects fascinate me, both as representations of the people that used them when they were new and in the way their messages change as they age, break, and become imperfect through use and time. They inspire me to curiosity about their origins, the lives they had before they were discarded, and who lost or threw them away. My pieces focus on these everyday objects and show others the stories I see in them.

Craft techniques that I learned as a child feature prominently in my work. But by using these techniques in contrary ways to produce pieces that are neither functional nor traditionally decorative, I hope to explore the intersection of craft and fine art, of the “womanly” qualities I was supposed to gain in learning them, and the power I have gained to manipulate materials to create precise forms.

Instagram: @celenapeet

OAA's Next Show:
Alameda County
Law Library Show

March 28 - June 6, 2023
First 30 Entries Accepted
Entries due 
Noon March 26th

Greater Than or Equal To #9

Celena Peet

Mixed Media



Celena Peet

Mixed Media

2023 John Muir
Medical Center Show

lake Como.jpg
Julia Montrond
Lake Como
$ 385
First Place

Winter 2023 Virtual ShowRain, Fog, Snow, King Tides, etc.


I ll Do It.jpg
Mary Millman
I’ll Do It
First Place

The Oakland Art Association helped support ARTogether's Expressive Art Class 2021 for refugee and immigrant children 6-10 years old.


Class activities encouraged children’s artistic interest and self-discovery while having fun and making friends! Activities ranged from guided creative art projects to educational and holistic art activities to more freeform expressive art.

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