Kite Soaring Above Sutro
Amei Papitto
18 x 18
CERI 2022 pic.JPG
Ruth Shorer
Porcelain   7 x 8    $900
Orinda Library Show
Art Education in Oakland
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OAA's Annual Meeting
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The Oakland Art Association helped support
ARTogether's Expressive Art Class 2021

for refugee and immigrant children 6-10 years old.


Class activities encouraged children’s artistic interest and self-discovery while having fun and making friends! Activities ranged from guided creative art projects to educational and holistic art activities to more freeform expressive art.

February 25 - April 8, 2022

John Muir Medical Center Show

1601 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 

Hidden Stairway.jpg

Hidden Stairway

Marie Cotter

Pastel    23 x 29    $350

Pencil Saturday August 13th / 3 to 6 pm on your calendar. OAA has reserved the event space at Highlands Country Club for the Annual Meeting / Social Event / Next Law Library Show Take-in.  While applying an abundance of COVID-19 caution, all OAA members will be invited to meet (with guests of course) for the first time in almost 3 years. Watch upcoming emails for more details, however tentative planning now includes:

·        Reception style snacks and drinks served.

·        Seating will be both indoor and outdoor.

·        A speaker and program will be featured.

·        Take-In for our next Law Library Show.

·        Elections of a new Board of Directors.

OAA's featured artist is
Doug Thompson

April - May, 2022

 "Spring Fever" Virtual Show

1st Point Lobos Poppies.jpg

Point Lobos Poppies

Iris Sabre

Oil on Canvas   18 x 24   $500

See the show on YouTube

June 1 - 30, 2022

Orinda Library Show



Hallie Strock

Acrylic   36 x 36   $1,500

Doug Thompson is an Oaklander who has been involved in art in one way or another for the past 50 years. First as a graphic designer for computer game and other tech companies, then as a freelance CGI artist for film and broadcast. While working as a CG artist he was introduced to photogrammetry as a means of recreating real world objects and locations for virtual sets. Not unrelated, he was introduced to high dynamic range imaging (HDR) photography and the shooting of panoramas to be used to recreate the lighting of real-world locations for site accurate CG sets. 

                                      Artist Statement

Over the years I’ve found myself drawn to the American Southwest and have taken many car trips through there. There’s something very special about its luminosity, the clouds and the incredible color and texture that grabs me. Not to mention the intense sensual tactility of the landscape.


Taken all together I find a spiritual, almost psychedelic feel to it all. I often have to stop and get out of the car, believing that if I just stretch myself a bit taller, I might touch those clouds as they feel that close. Resorting to my camera, I have to settle, like doing shots for computer graphics, for the hope of recreating and conveying some of light quality, the intense colors, and spirituality. And that place, despite being a desert, feels very much alive and, like living beings, ever changing to me.

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